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Your Lip Filler Journey

If you are considering having lip filler there are a few things you will need to consider, not just the risks and complications that might come from any procedure but also the emotional roller coaster that I always forewarn my patients about before going ahead with treatment.

A responsible practitioner will tell you, that you will most likely have some swelling and bruising and that there is a risk of lumps/bumps and, even though the risk is small at the hand of an experienced injector, there is, no matter how small, still a real risk of vascular occlusion.

But … do they tell you that you will hate your lips before you fall in love with them? Yes that is right, I find that the majority of my patients will wake up the day after having their lips augmented and think - “what the hell have I done to my face”

– Bare in mind that this is usually the day that you will experience the most swelling and bruising and are still getting used to having bigger lips.

On day 3, they do start to settle but will be lumpy as the filler is still integrating into the surrounding tissues and they will still feel tender to pressure. After a couple of days everything will have settled and the swelling will have gone down considerably and this is when you will truly starting to fall in love with your new lips!

So much so, that after a couple of weeks you start to miss that extra little bit of swelling you had around day 5 and start wanting a “bit more” just to give them an extra plum.

It is very important that when you choose to go ahead with a procedure you do your research, your choose a responsible, experienced practitioner and that you have a consultation, prior to having treatment to make sure you are comfortable with your decision and with the person injecting you.


By Dr Daniela Machado

Practice Principal

Colomberie Clinic & Dental Practice

Jersey, Channel Islands

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